Trumpigula the Story

is the completely true account of the life of Trumpigula, a pigman inspired by Donald Trump and Caligula. Trump’s and Caligula’s similar personality traits naturally blended to become Trumpigula, the most wicked and wonderful leader, ever.

Come read Trumpigula’s fascinating life-story, one that makes Trump’s and Caligula’s seem quite ordinary. See why critics have nominated Trumpigula for Greatest Leader Ever. Help satisfy his ego by agreeing. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to open your mind to Trumpigula and his story.

Trumpigula wants his story to become an animated movie based on his screenplay, so is raising funds to pay for the movie production. All proceeds from the sale of the songs and slop, and money raised through crowd-sourcing campaigns, will be used for that purpose.

If you have skills or ideas to help with his cause, please let Trumpigula know at emperor at trumpigula.com. He really would like to find the Producer to bring it all together.

A word of caution: Trumpigula is intended for mature audiences as Trumpigula’s story is related to Donald Trump. Obviously, that means Trumpigula the Story is raunchy and can cause deep-seated trauma you can only wash off with repeated scrubbing. It’s taboo in most states, and defiantly banned in Russia.

While Trumpigula the Story attempts to provide comic relief to a serious topic, and maybe gives hope that Donald Trump can be redeemed, reader excretion is highly advised. You may be dirty after reading.

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News & Updates

11/07/2020-Trumpy thanks you for voting against his re-erection. It’s obvious only someone with a grabber could get away with what he did and he’s sorry for what happened.  He hopes Zeus blesses us all and urges against an uncivil war.

Trumpy invites you to learn his story:

His book is here.

His screenplay is here.

For those feeling disheartened by what Trump is doing and will continue to do, please consider supporting Trumpigula’s goal: help redeem Donald Trump.

Thanks to those who are not going to let Trump just trash this country and planet with his greedy, selfish, childish and predatory ways.

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