Rising from the riches of his father and using his grabber to mesmerize his fellow Irkslings, Trumpigula conquered the world.

As the world was divided against his reign, Trumpigula faced his ultimate challenge. Can he unite his fellow animen and save the world from the coming alien invasion?

The Flimflammers from Amamada are mad at Trumpigula, too. He has their Golden Trumpet. Now they’re planning to conquer Irks.

Will they flimflam the ultimate flimflammer, or will Trumpigula become the Greatest Leader Ever and get his best deal yet: convincing the Flimflammers to surrender and keep his grabber?

Come read this witty, raunchy, adult-rated, unadulterated, heart-warming, hilarious, sci-fi, political parody, redemption story that’s a trumped-up version of Animal Farm.

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