Film Synopsis

Trumpigula lives in an Animal Farmesque world, where all peeple are animals, and all animen have their role. Pigmen are businessmen, jackassesmen are politicians, etc. There is a Roman theme, with modern technology.

Trumpigula’s world is a dream within a story within a story within a dream. There are multiple layers of reality.

Using animation to capture this surreal landscape makes it easy to show how Trumpigula uses his grabber, which is his secret superpower and is able to hypnotize anyone.

The film shows Trumpigula’s birth, growth and mastering of The Deal (his grabber).

Trumpigula follows the footsteps of Donald Trump, with the decadence of the Roman Emperor Caligula, only way more ruthlessly.

Trumpigula masters his grabber, which he depends upon for his deals.

His grabber gets him anything and everyone he wants.

He lives in Trumpyramid where his show The Menace was filmed.

He was the Boss Hog in New Pork City.

Trumpgula becomes the most powerful ruler ever.

Krushyan President Grabimir Snoopin is his minion.

Trumpigula even built a statue of himself powerfully grabbing Washington Manument.

Half the world is hypnotized by his grabber’s pheromone discharge and mesmerization dance.

The rest are protesting and demanding for impeachment of Trumpigula and his fascist regime.

Trumpigula discovers the portal to the Galactic Television Studio, where he learns the secrets of his grabber and realizes he must change to save the world.

Trumpigula appeals to his fellow animen, acknowledging all his heinousness, pleading for them to unite against the coming alien invasion and imminent end of their world.

The animen do battle with the Flimflammers. It’s a raunchy yet not bloody battle. All the animen have their powers to defeat the flimflammers without any killing.

Trumpigula battles the Big Deal Boss riding upon his dragonman.

Trumpigula learns who he actually is.